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Head in the clouds

Tubi or not Tubi
2 June
Hey like most people I am struggling to make a decent living in this world, and spent as much time as possible with my family and friends. Hey! Whatever, I am just a human like you.
3:05 PM 8/5/2004


I am a glass bottle,
Fragile as I can be,
Don't judge me by my lable
There is more to it than you can see.
You think you can see through me,
But my feelings are bottled in.
Open me up !
My qualities are kept within.
Please be gentle or you'll break this heart
If you love me from the start.
Kiss me with your tender lips,
I'll warm you up with the sweetest sips
I am not the recycled kind
I am yours and you are mine
If you shatter me, I sure will die
For I am just a glass bottle
Of a gentle soul. This soul is mine.

~ TuBi or not TuBi ~